Future Reds – July 2008

Future Reds – July 2008

This is a summary of the ongoing transfer speculation regarding Liverpool’s potential incoming players and how likely each of the moves are to take place.

Gareth Barry – Midfielder (Aston Villa)

Frozen out by his Villa manager, it seems to be only a matter of time before he joins Liverpool. Around £2-£3 Million seems to be the discrepancy in the transfer value and neither manager appears to want to back down. However, various bonuses and add-on’s can be created so that neither Rafa nor Martin O’ Neill loses face. Chelsea or Scum could come in with their moneybags and gazump us but Barry seems to have his heart set on Liverpool.

Would it be good for us? – Arguable whether he is better than Alonso on his day but certainly more in form over the last couple of years. Is a proven Premier League player and certainly won’t weaken us as a team.

Chances of Happening – 90%

David Villa – Striker (Valencia)

Clearly a friend as well as a countryman of Torres, Villa would probably be open to the idea of playing alongside Torres at club level. However, Valencia have said they want to keep him and Villa has said he wants to stay. Chelsea or more likely Real Madrid or Barcelona coming in with £25M plus may make them think again but with his value having increased after Euro 2008 it is unlikely whether we could compete financially for a player much sought after.

Would it be good for us? – There’s no doubting his quality but he hasn’t played in England before. Personally when he and Torres were rumoured a year ago, Torres was always the one I thought would be the more suited to our game. I wouldn’t be against the idea but there are probably other cheaper options available.

Chances of Happening – 15%

Robbie Keane – Striker (Tottenham)

Well I didn’t see this one coming as a possibility until last week. It may have only arisen because of the possible Tottenham interest in Crouch and the media letter their imaginations get the better of them in the form of a swap deal. However, there does seem to be some substance in the story and Keane hasn’t ruled out the idea. Tottenham want to keep him and have placed a £20 Million valuation on him which is probably £3 or £4Million too high but with Benayoun or even Scott Carson thrown in as a makeweight, this is a deal that could well happen if the 2 Spanish managers can remain on good terms (unlike Rafa with O’Neill)

Would it be good for us? – He’s a different type of striker to Torres, more predatory but with a good touch and undoubted skill. The two may well compliment each other well and with Keane seeming more settled now than early in his career when he had a different club each year he may well be looking now (at the age of 27) for one last big move with Champions League football likely

Chances of Happening – 50%

David Silva – Winger (Valencia)

Similar to Villa’s situation in lots of ways. He had a good Euro 2008 but Valencia don’t appear to want to sell him and Silva himself has made no suggestion he wants to leave. It’s probably slightly more likely than Villa simply because Rafa is clearly looking at bringing in at least 1 winger during the summer

Would it be good for us? – A player of great skill who showed his calibre playing for Spain as well as Valencia for the last couple of years. He’s only 22 and could have a superb career ahead of him. The worry is that he’s very lightweight and perhaps not ideally suited to our game. I think I’d take the chance though

Chances of Happening – 25%

Stewart Downing – Winger (Middlesbrough)

It’s obvious that with Rafa looking for a winger than Downing’s name would come up at least in passing. He’s been in the Premier League for a few years and has got 18 England caps and is a fairly decent but not spectacular player. However, he only signed a new 5 year contract a few months ago so he can’t be desperate to leave. He’s a Middlesbrough lad and is only 23 so he doesn’t need to leave yet if he’s got ultimate ambitions of a league title or Champions League football.

Would it be good for us? – For a fee of around £12-£14 Million I think he’d be a decent player and certainly would suit the left hand midfield role better than Babel (who incidentally I think should be employed as a 2nd striker). If Boro want more than £14M I’d say forget it.

Chances of Happening – 30%

James Milner – Winger (Newcastle)

A cheaper alternative to most of the wingers currently being considered. Available for around £8-£9 Million, Milner is very worthy of consideration. He’s able to play on either wing and has provided some good crosses at Newcastle. The trouble is he currently plays in a very average team where he is not pushed at all. However, remember the potential he showed as a youngster at Leeds and although he seems to have been around for ever he is in fact only 22. I think Rafa is keeping him in mind as a very realistic alternative should he be unable to get his other targets

Would it be good for us? – He’s stronger than Benayoun, more confident than Babel and wouldn’t cost the earth. Whilst Liverpool fans may not get particularly excited about Milner he did score a rocket of a goal the season before last against the Scum. I’m sure you can find that on You Tube if you want to get excited about him if he signs.

Chances of Happening – 50%

Albert Riera – Winger (Espanyol)

Apparently Liverpool have already made an offer of £9.5Million plus Sebastian Leto for Riera which was rejected by Espanyol who have said they will accept no less than £19Million for him. In summary they are completely bonkers. Whatever Riera’s potential may be, he has no history with any of the major clubs in Europe and has only been capped 5 times by Spain by the age of 26. He’s quick and can clearly shoot (judging by his quality strike for Spain against Denmark) but their valuation is just madness. He wants to leave Espanyol and so expect Rafa to go back with another bid of around £12M plus Leto. If they don’t accept that then forget it because Riera is not without risks.

Would it be good for us? – Probably but it’s a little bit of an unknown considering that Espanyol is the best club he’s played for – hardly on the same level as Liverpool. If Rafa is convinced then we’ll have to believe him.

Chances of Happening – 40%

Joaquin Sanchez – Winger (Valencia)

Linked with Liverpool in previous seasons but not really in this one, I’ve included Joaquin for no more reason than I think he’s the player we SHOULD get. Like Silva and Riera he is quick but he’s also very strong and although sometimes wasteful he has no confidence problems in just running headlong at defenders. Valencia want to keep him but they are rumoured to need to sell some players to raise funds. Joaquin was left out of the Euro 2008 squad which may make him think he needs to play elsewhere to get back in the frame. He’s only 26 and has only played for Real Betis and Valencia. He deserves the chance at a big club so let’s hope he agrees. Would probably cost at least £15 Million, maybe £20M.

Would it be good for us? – Yes, he’s ideal – trust me Rafa

Chances of Happening – 20%

OVERALL PREDICTION – We’ll get Barry, Keane and at least 1 winger (fingers crossed Joaquin)

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Future Reds – July 2008

  1. i think we need to buy david silva and david villa. They will be full of cofidence coming into the new season with have just won the euro. i would also like to see barry at anfield.
    i also can see intandje going and will be followed by voronin and finnan

  2. better if we forget about barry n keep alonso…and to the professors,please forget about signing alonso…we dont sell our player to the rivals..well, we just need a good winger such as lennon,bentley,downing or silva i guess…and a good striker such as keane to support torres!!nice huh..

    that would be better for the future of 08/09!! orale..

  3. Just watched Joaquin Sanchez on Youtube. Awesome! Strong, quick feet, cool on the ball, great control and went past defenders for fun. Some of the footage included European opposition so how he would fare over here is always a question of the unknown. But, Rafa, if this is your player not being mentioned in the media, buy him now.

  4. nice article, Nick~

    it really nice if we do get keane and barry and best with joaquin but i think the only guy we will get is barry~
    berbatov seem to go soon so wont think spur will sell keane unless they get another striker themself and joaquin wont come cheap and benitez wont have any more $$ to spend.
    but at least if barry come it will bolster liverpool midfield and this will be good new for both liverpool and england. so let hope cross our finger and hope more will be coming in ^.^

  5. Very good article and interesting arguments, Nick!

    It is obvious, we need to do something on the wing. There I would- if possible from financial point of view – prefer David Silva. He is young and has his best years laying ahead of him. And concerning his supposed lack of physis – remember our Mighty Mouse or Macca! It is not only about being a strong and powerful player, especially if you are playing on the wings and not in the center of the field! There you need other qualities, such as going one-to-one, quick moving skills, being light-footed, running down the line past defenders and giving good assists.

    About Joaquin I would not be too enthused, to be honest. He prooved to be more an average player in terms of a long season. To my mind overestimated. But Rafa will know, what he does and why!

    With regard to the expected new 6+5 rule, which the FIFA wants to invent over the next few years, it would not be wrong to bring in some young british players and develop them, such as maybe Milner.

    By the way: can we not use Barry on the left AND Xabi Alonso more in the center? There are always only taks of bringing in Barry instead of Xabi. Personally I would feel very sorry, if he had his exit…

  6. Fantastic and realistic summary.

    I agree completely with your valuation of players and the percentage assessment. Keane would be a great signing and a worthy beholder of the no. 7 jersey so hopefully that deal materializes but we shouldn’t pay over the odds for a 28 year old player. 16 million would be a fair deal but that price might not be on the table if the Scum fill the Spurs coffers with a Berbatov deal 🙁 Still, if we act fast then we could steal Keane for a reasonable price.

    And my hats of to you for mentioning Joaquin for us. If been his biggest fan since I lived in Seville for one season and went to many Betis matches. IMO he has been and still is one of the best right wingers in the game. Truly world class. Fantastic skill and a Gerrard-esque attitude to playing. Gives his all for the team. I was sad to see him move on a club record fee to Valencia since he had been linked to us plenty of times but maybe lady luck is on Liverpool’s side with their financial straits. Rafa said that maybe he would buy a player who had not been mentioned in the media so here’s hoping that player is Joaquin! 🙂

  7. Okay most of them are pretty spot on but what are you on with Milner, he’s never done it in any manner of consistency, one good game does not make you a star. The only winger I ever saw take Rob Jones to the cleaners was Neil Heaney, he started at Arsenal was flogged to Southampton (where he destroyed Rob in one match!) for those of you who missed his playing exploits. And if you are judging signings on goals against man u Cheyrou scored a blinder and he was sh**e. Milner was overpriced at 6 million. Also Joaquim!!!!! take a brick bat to your head and repeatedly hit yourself over the head with it until you realise this is another case of a player being hugely over-rated. What has he done? F**k all to suggest he should be a player at a top club. He was yesterday’s Quaresma and Downing (hugely over rated). Thank god in heaven Rafa’s in charge instead of you or we’d have the most expensive flop ever (Yes worse than Diouf).

  8. Brilliant summary Nick

    I think you have just about figured out our problem on the wing. For years we have had problems trying to get wingers to fit into the spotlight at Anfield but Joaquin Sanchez is definitely a realistic transfer consideration.
    After your summary i took the liberty of looking up every player for possible transfer on Youtube and i think Joaquin would be excellent for Liverpool if signed he would dominate down the wing and provide brill cut back crosses to Gerrard or Barry (fingers crossed) as seen on Youtube

    Thanks a lot for your transfer summary presentation.

  9. I hope you’re right! Keane behind Torres….and Gerrard with Barry in midfield make for a class attack….we’ll kill off the opposition! Up you redmen….YNWA

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