Fold the hand

If the Premier League was a game of poker and John W Henry’s hand was Roy Hodgson he’d fold. That might sound callous and a bit premature. Admittedly we are only 9 games into the season but you have to go with the odds.

Liverpool haven’t currently got a championship winning team, not even close after the loss of 2 world class players (Alonso and Mascherano) and nothing like the same standard has replaced them. What they have got though is a decent team with 2 or 3 World Class players, 2 or 3 good players and a few also rans. A good manager should be able to turn that into a half-decent side or at least a side performing well in a few games.

Despite the win against Blackburn, Liverpool look a shadow of the team even from last season. In our only 2 league wins this season we have been clinging on to the lead in the last few minutes when we really should have been going for th kill. Blackburn offered nothing today and yet still we could not finish them off.  Bucharest at home in the Europa League was the only game this season we have dominated. That is just not good enough when we have played West Brom, Blackpool and Blackburn at home. Away from home we’ve been simply awful.

Hodgson may be a decent manager and in time perhaps he might turn Liverpool round. What our new owners can’t afford to do though is wait. We may lose our top players in January and we must stop that happening. The only way to do this is to act now and then have 2 months playing positively under a new boss in the hope that we can still have a half decent season, even though Champions League qualification looks a remote dream. Fold the hand J.W. and deal a new one.

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Fold the hand

  1. what worries me it probably splits the team in two camps. thats leads to bad team spirit.. results indicate something very wrong cant get rid of all the players. but some players will want to leave if the results are pathecthic

  2. If Roy remains in charge until Jan 2011 i fear that he’s going to bring in more average players.Top players would not want to play under a nagative coach like him.

  3. For me, with most oour almost 90 % of the money problmes gone or eased hugley.
    Its time to move on, and Roy just isnt the man we need, we are not Fulham we are Liverpool FC and its time the club, the players and the owners and even the tea lady see what we are and what we can be.
    To spend on players is not easy to get right, but with the right investment now, to keep what we have but add that quality that we need while build now with a new man who players look up to a must

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