Liverpool to be taken over by the Belfast tycoon?

David MooresAfter what seems like endless years of discussion, names being bandied round and frustration at David Moores reticence to depart from his shares, a cash injection at Anfield appears to be getting closer and closer.

Liverpool’s board are set to meet again this week, following on from last week’s meeting, to discuss investment opportunities supplied by a number of investment firms and individuals.

Talks have centred on the ability of an investor to meet David Moores valuation of the club, believed to be around £300 million, of which he owns 51%.

The American George Gillette, and the Dubai Investment Capital consortium have been linked for some while, meanwhile a group led by the former Oxford chairman Robin Herd have also been linked. The front-runner, according to media sources today, is believed to be Belfast construction tycoon John Miskelly – the man who has believed to have come closest to David Moores valuation. The group led by Robin Herd is believed to be the least attractive option to the club.

The next few weeks will be interesting – David Moores has consistently promised that any investment would need to be ‘the right investment’. Whether he will stick by that mantra or sell to the highest bidder remains to be seen. But with January fast approaching, a time that traditionally the reds have tended to keep their cheque-books in their pockets, and the stadium plans having received the official stamp of approval – the reds need their financial future secured.

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Liverpool to be taken over by the Belfast tycoon?

  1. I will just say this. Liverpool started going downhill when David Moores took charge of the club. He is a total clown. All he ever did was be born into the Moores dynasty with a silver spoon in his mouth.
    He has not got the experience, business savvy or people skills required to run one of the greatest ever football clubs. At least when Smith and Robinson where in charge of the club everything was run brilliantly from the top to the bottom.

    Moores has appointed a series of incompetant managers and also Rick Parry, another fool.
    I know my comments are strong but I am a true Liverpool fan and it makes me want to vomit when I can see the “Bastion of Invincibilty” that Bill Shankley and Bob Paisley built was allowed to just run away from us all down to bad management.
    Moores final cock up was to saddle to club with massive debts and these 2 yanks who don’t seem to have the club’s best interests at heart.
    Last real world class managerial appointment was Kenny Dalglish. Everyone else has just failed to deliver the goods or make Liverpool look anything like the brilliant club they used to be for 20 years..
    Any fans who think I am out of order are entitled to their opinion but you will probably find that the older fans will agree with me becasue they know how the club used to be run.

  2. Attention Eiki Fr.
    You dare to tell us that this is none of our business if we consider David Moores is proving greedy.
    Listen mate. Davis Moores prior to being handed the funds via his wealthy family to finance his shares in LFC (a total of 17923 out of 34823 to be precise) he was twice a failed director of two other ventures.
    It is a minority like yourself who are stupid or ignorant (your words) when you claim that LFC is his club. The club belongs not only to the remaining 16900 sharehoders but the thousands of devoted supporters.
    The simple reason the club has failed to attract any investor has been the overvaluation Moores has placed on his own shareholding- not the club iteself.
    Remember £6000 a share valuation on 17923 shares ends up in his back poocket, not the club.
    Get it Eiki FR?
    Move on David Moores and stop this foolish opera.

  3. David Moores is L.F.C,he has got the clubs best interest @ heart,none of us know what is going on & that has always been the liverpool way,be patient & strong & stick together and we will reap the rewards. LFC 4 EVA

  4. It’s about time that Liverpool (Mr Moores) bites the bullet and does something to secure funding for a new stadium/team building etc… either by getting outside investment or selling his shares and bowing out gracefully. Moores has been a stalwart of Liverpool and has done wonders during his lengthly period as chairman. If the sale is deemed to be the right way to advance then so be it, it’s time for a decision for the sake of the Club, Manager & Team.

  5. i think its time we made a move we are a great team and i think its time to set the bar a bit higher…i dunno wots goin on with the board but we need to sort ourself out if we are goin to be the best

  6. It is absolutely none of your or any others business if David Moores holds out for few pounds more. It´s his family business and he´s just trying to get as much as possible for it. Are you doubting Mr Moores as a Liverpool fan??? You are either stupid or ignorant as he IS Liverpool FC! Why should he hate his own company ?!?!

  7. I am beginning to think that greed is blinding David Moores. If he is a true Liverpool fan he will put our club before profit considering he is very rich. Mr Moores should know that his money and our old Stadium will not help us to compete with the likes of Man U, Chelsea and Arsenal not financially or on the field of play (EPL). Football has moved on it is a money game now and the only way us Liverpool Fans can let the board know is by being more vocal about our concern bring in new money, super rich investor that is a football fan correction a die hard Liverpool fan and see where it takes us. i am convinced with the footballing brains of Rafa, we will dominate world soccer once again

  8. 1. It is time David Moores stopped holding out for several million more in his bulging pockets and put the club first

    2. When you’ve already got more money than you can spend, what difference will another £10 million or £20 million make to the super rich like Moores?

    3.I’m sure it’s not because of greed.

    Make your mind up.

    Maybe it is because he is a Liverpool fan that it is taking so long. The lesser of two evils is not a good investment

  9. Moores shouldn’t sell to Miskelly. A quick search of the net reveals John Miskelly to be an Arsenal season ticket holder. (I’m not too sure this is the same guy – Ed) Moores as a chairman has been totally supportive of his managers and it’s a shame he doesn’t have the funds himself. I’ve never understood why the club couldn’t issue enough shares to sell to the fans for £30 each instead of current price of £3000. I’m sure we have enough support to buy them. Set the club up as a private members club like Barcelona. Alternatively Mrs Abromovich to divorce her husband and then decide to p*ss him off by giving us £500m to play with!!!

  10. It is time David Moores stopped holding out for several million more in his bulging pockets and put the club first. We must have new investment and the longer negotiations drag on, the more it is costing the club, what with higher building costs for a new stadium and lost revenue through the turnstiles.
    When you’ve already got more money than you can spend, what difference will another £10 million or £20 million make to the super rich like Moores? He is said to be a true Liverpool fan, so why has this matter been drawn out so long? I’m sure it’s not because of greed. What is the problem? Or is it none of the supporters’ business?

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