Dubai Investors: Liverpool Chairman suffered a ‘mental aberration’

Dubai Investment Capital have spoken to the Liverpool Echo about the collapse of the Liverpool bid – still angry at David Moores and the Liverpool board.

A spokesman for the DIC investment group suggest reds Chairman David Moores had a moment of madness.

“If the fans want to know what’s happened, David Moores suffered what I can only describe as a mental aberration, just when the agreement was about to be reached.

“The fans are bemused, and we at DIC are just as bemused by the past few days.

“Liverpool Football Club has been looking for years and years for an investor, going through numerous suitors. They came to the conclusion DIC were the best people. We’ve been working closely with advisors for the last six to eight weeks, and spent a lot of time preparing a deal.

“We are genuine supporters who not only wanted to invest in the club, but to do so by keeping Mr Moores and Rick Parry in place. The announcement was going to be made this Monday.

“Then, 10 days ago, we heard from the press George Gillett had made another bid. No-one from Liverpool told us this, and when we asked what was happening they said they didn’t know why a bid was made other than to muddy the waters.

“Then we read a formal statement from Liverpool announcing Gillett’s bid last Friday. Again, DIC were informed by a journalist.

“This lack of communication made our guys tense.

“On Tuesday, we expected the board meeting to accept our proposals. Instead, we found out the board was discussing George Gillett’s offer, once again through the press.

“Even on Tuesday night we could get no answers from Mr Moores and Mr Parry, even though we had a representative at the West Ham match.

“The people back in Dubai thought they weren’t being told what’s going on.

“There was no ultimatum given, but we did make it clear we needed to know quickly if the press conference was going ahead on Monday because DIC officials needed to know if they should book their flights.

“Once word got back to Dubai on Tuesday there were no answers from Liverpool, the word from on high was this is bad for our reputation and it all stops right now.

“We can’t understand what had changed since December 4 when after a long search, Liverpool announced we were the best people.”

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Dubai Investors: Liverpool Chairman suffered a ‘mental aberration’

  1. i agree craig, have you noticed in the last week how many clubs are being linked with DIC? first newcastle and today arsenal. At the end of the day you cant knock rick parry and david moores. how many players do you know that can ‘pop into’ their chairmans home for a cup of tea? stevie and carra have a tight bond with rick and david and as long as they are at the helm. Theirs no doubt we need some investment but the board are not going to sell their souls just to make a quick buck. Liverpool will be back on top with or without the likes of DIC or Gillet. BY THE WAY THE FANS AT THE GAME YESTERDAY WERE AWESOME!!

  2. patience seems to be the key and our so called ‘loyal’ supporters seem to be lacking in it…wait till all the facts are out and we see what happens before we want heads to roll…if a company is prepared to throw away the opportunity to own the most successful club in England without a fight then maybe they were not right for us..throwing the toys out of the pram sounds about right

  3. Dont let the american to take over this club. They dont have any idea of what this club is all about… DIC is the best that liverpool can get this time..we will be in the same league of roman if this deal go through..liverpool board should reconsider about DIC..Steve Morgan is also a good candidates to take over the he also a liverpool supporter..not like that greedy american!!!(my english is not very good)

  4. This just makes DIC sound like total amateurs – have they never invested in any business before? Have they no awareness of statutory requirements in UK when bids are made by others? DIC are sounding like corner shop operators here, bizarre. If they had sat tight and allowed Gillett his moment in the spotlight, the club could be theirs by now. Their loss in the end.

  5. Sounds like the same lack of communication or ability to make a concrete decision that almost led to Stevie G leaving Liverpool.

  6. It seems to me DIC were buying too much time to see if LFC were truly genuine title(premiership) contenders.Perhaps to ensure feasibility for their investment – about half of which is for a new stadium-.After all it is a business deal eventhough DIC cared about other aspects.I think whichever deal LFC takes (if they eventually do) must put club and fans as TOP priority certainly ahead of a new stadium.Anyway ANFIELD is still there as sweet nineteen approaches.

  7. I don’t think 8million more in Moores pocket isn’t enough to sell his soul. I think it’s more about the DIC deal which stipulated 2 important points:

    1. the 7 year sell-out
    2. ‘bully’ – which meant that DIC were over their heads thinking that LFC were made for them

  8. Gutted,
    Just when Liverpool seem to be at the point of once again being the most powerful team in european football, the board decide to line their own pockets.

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