Stock Exchange rules force Reds to reveal American ‘interest’

Under Stock Exchange rules, Liverpool Football Club have today been forced to confirm the recent developments with the Liverpool take-over plan and in particular American George Gillett's new offer for the club.

Liverpool said the approach "may or may not lead to an offer" and "shareholders will be kept informed as appropriate."

As reds fans well know George Gillett was one of a number of groups involved in the submission of bids which eventually led to the Anfield board granting the Dubai Investment Capital group the ability to look through the reds books in the process of due diligence.

The Dubai based group are believed to value the club at £155 million and to take on a current contractual debt of £80 million plus fully finance the new stadium. Rumours suggest Gillett's valuation of the club is at £170 million - this would be worth an extra £8 million for David Moores share of the club.

Sources suggest that the reds are fully committed to the Dubai based bid, and Gillett's plans have only been discussed by the Anfield board due to financial regulations.

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Stock Exchange rules force Reds to reveal American ‘interest’

  1. Gillett’s Proposal for a ground share with Everton is an insult. The fact that he would even suggest such an absurd idea shows that he knows nothing about the soul or history of this club.

  2. DIC are true Red Fans, and why would we be in favour of a groundshare with the Bluesh*te, as this is what Mr Gillett was proposing. He’s on a non-starter even looking at the books, unfortunately financial regulations permit him to do this. And above all that, he looks a smarmy git !!

  3. I rather have DIC be Liverpool FC investor than Mr Gillett.

    Mr Gillett offer will only benefit the current shareholder but not the club.

    If Mr Gillett offer end up being accepted then we will know where the current shareholder intere$t i$ 🙂

    We all still have faith that our current chairman Mr Moore always have Liverpool FC interest in mind and will reject any approach by Mr Gillett and accept the current offer from Dubai

    Then later Liverpool new stadium will have a Madam Tousssant’s Liverpool legends display 😉

  4. I think Mr Gillett is a bit late in the day, the sooner the takeover is completed the better, we need to plan for the future.
    We need the new Anfield to start construction as quickly as possible to bring us into the modern era.

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