Hicks ends talks with DIC

Tom Hicks today insisted talks with DIC about their involvement with Liverpool Football Club were over, and that he would now be looking at other options.

In a move which will only increase the feeling against the American owner a statement was issued on the official LFC website saying:

Tom Hicks waste of space“Based on a meeting held earlier today in Dubai between my representatives and officials of Dubai International Capital LLC, as well as other recent contacts between us and them, I have decided to terminate any further discussions with DIC regarding their possible purchase of a minority stake in Kop and, in turn, in the club.

“DIC made it clear that if they invested in the club, they would want it to be managed by committee.

“Based on my 13 years of successful experience as an owner of professional sports teams, and based in particular on the situation at Liverpool Football Club over the past year, it is clear to me that such a committee approach would not be in the best interest of Kop, of the club or of the club’s loyal and passionate supporters.

“Accordingly, I have decided to exercise my right under the Kop Football (Holdings) Limited partnership agreement to veto any sale of any portion of Kop and the club to DIC.”

“I and my colleagues and representatives will continue to explore a number of other options with regard to the ownership of Kop and the club aimed at achieving an appropriate ownership, financial and organisational structure for Kop and the club over the long term.”

Mr Hicks, clearly, has something to fear by Liverpool being run by a commitee.  It doesn’t suit his megalomaniac tendencies which have pushed George Gillett to one side already.

In my opinion Mr Hicks is now pushing Liverpool fans, furious at his actions, in to a corner.  He would be well advised to get out now with some dignity while he still can.

The protests will only increase and not only will his family find it difficult to walk in to a local pub, but they will find it difficult to attend Anfield.

We want you out Mr Hicks – and we will not stop until you are. Take your precious money and run.

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Hicks ends talks with DIC

  1. once upon a time I had a lot of respect for Mr Moores for the way he ran the club. unfortunately it was inevitable that he would have to sell for the future of the club as he didn’t have the resources to compete with the gooners, chelski or manure. it was very exciting last year to hear about dic wanting to purchase the club, no debts lots of resources and that desire to be the best no matter what, just look at what they have achieved with dubai itself, building one of the most desirable and extravagant places on earth where not so long ago there was nothing but desert. to them nothing is impossible, lush green golf courses in the desert, indoor snow ski slopes in the desert, a1 racing to rival f1, continuasly erecting the worlds most notable buildings year on year, i can go on and on but you can do your own research. moores then sold to hicks and gillete, i was gutted. i just hope it wasn’t because dic are arabs because i still remember how we were one of the last clubs to have a notable black player ie john barnes. lastly with all his incompetence it’s amazing how rick parry has kept his job, what’s the story there? surely he would go if dic came in, how much has he got to do with it? it was he who almost lost stevie g for us not so long ago!

  2. For the last 24 hours I hve been editing Hicks’ entry on Wikpedia but it has been continually been deleted presumably by his PR organisation. I have now been bocked from further editing by Wik for “vandalism” again presumably as a result of complaints by Hicks.
    I enclose the text of my addition to his entry. Please will somebody else have a go at inserting this into his profile, after all its pretty mild !
    The fans of the club have reacted strongly to his joint ownership and have made their feelings felt in the media and by demonstrations at home matches. Liverpool FC is renowned for its discreet management style and the supporters are particularly incensed at his frequent off-the-cuff remarks and statements to the media which they feel has brought the club into disrepute. They also question his financing of the club which was purchased with borrowed money and been loaded with debt in the last year without work commencing on the new stadium. A recent poll of readers of Liverpool’s Daily Post resulted in 97% wanting him to sell the club to DIC who they feel has both the expertise and finances to take the club forward whilst maintaining its traditions.

  3. Good on you Lenny, I have also terminated my membership of the official LFC website. The only contribution Hicks can count on from me from now on is waving a placard headed “Hicks get out you fat-arsed phoney !!!” and shouting similar angry abusive slogans in a way no banker or moneylender can miss. This guy takes delight in fucking with an institution that is cherished by millions the World over. We have got to close him down as quickly as possible………. for the same reasons that Hitler should have been stopped at Munich.

  4. We have seen you come and we will watch you go but make it soon
    We will always be with our club (not yours)
    As fans we love LFC
    Tell us what you have in mind??? for our club
    Is our new stadium going to be built ???
    You have blown it now so it would be best if you sell on your interest in LFC as you will never be welcome here.
    F*** off now .
    Lets get behind our team more than ever but if we go out of the european cup and finish outside the top 4 you(HICKS) wont get any offers as our value will go down.
    You wont get away with what you have done in the USA here
    You have underestimated us as fans we will not put up with
    this shambles
    F*** off Hicks while the goings good


  5. This man says he’s had ”13 successful years with his teams as an owner”well sorry Hicks the fans of Texas rangers accuse you of using them as a money machine and most loathe you and want you out (sound familiar).The only way out for LFC fans is now to stop buying merchandise and anything else that will impact on his cash cow as I myself have already stopped my LFC site and shall buy no more merchandise until Hicks and his cronies have gone and if he sells to people like himself I shall carry on not buying until someone who cares about the club buys in….

  6. As an American supporter of Liverpool, I find this entire situation a bit lopsided. I would love to understand how things from the English perspective have snowballed into such animosity towards Mr. Hicks, and if anyone can do that for me in a constructive and humble way I would be most appreciative. My email is “thenarrow@hotmail.com”.

  7. They have to go. This guy Hicks is just dragging the club down to its knees. If he cared about the club he would have sold out by now, at least Gillette knows it is time to get out.
    I blame moores and Parry for this whole mess, if the had sold to DIC last year the stadium would have been started by now.
    I am so disgusted with what these guys are doing to this Great Club of mine.

  8. We have to club together and get hicks out. Boycott games.whatever but he has to go. I could have bought our club on the basis of loans. How rock solid would DIC be. none or very little debt. Moores you brought this on our beloved club. Lets just hope that DIC push this ‘VETO’ rubbish further and gain control or further negotiate. Hicks is simply scared of DIC’s intent of owning LFC outright and with their resources it would be only a matter of time before they did. Liverpool FC are a worldwide army. its time to unite and bring this Hicks down. YNWA

  9. Hicks sports orginaztion in the states have won 1 championship.That was in Uce hockey. The Rangers (baseball) are doormats year after year, even though they have the 5th largest payroll in the game. He is a piece of *#$% that needs to be gone.

  10. “successful experience” Every club “franchise” this fool owns has won exactly nought since hes taken over! Which stupid steward let in this idiot’s family in the last home game? … Rick Parry and Moores??? And if any ex player or fan comes out to defend this megalomaniac they need to be booted out of anfield too!

  11. hicks is talking as if its his club not so.
    gillett can allso vito hicks and not sell his 50percent
    he is a stupid man and a bully.
    FOR LFC.
    H A R D

  12. Mr Hicks you must realise by now, that through the actions of yourself and co partner over the last 4 months or so, that you have lost the respect of most liverpool FC fans. I would ask you to consider the whole situation and walk away with some dignity while you can.

  13. this phoney hicks has again showed his incompetence putting out a destablising statement like this on the eve of such an important game,how dare he play games with our great club.

  14. Mr Hicks had better realise soon that he is not dealing with a bunch of gutless rednecks. Your days at our club are numbered Mr Hicks, and the sooner you realise it the best for all concerned. We in the Kop look forward to your next visit, should you have the bottle.

  15. Is Hicks just trying to torment us – is he getting his own back, he states that he has run successful sports ventures – where, when, they are all like us they can’t stand him.
    My fear is DIC will just say sod it and I would hate that to happen. Hicks will find how difficult it is to take on the Liverpool fans, we will not forgive and we will never respect the texan who just does not understand the British fans who love the game, their clubs

  16. I think people seem to forget in all last weeks turmoil, that Mr Hicks has already lied is decieptful and there is no trust in the words he has to say. He has been in discussions with DIC on a number of occasions although he has been at lengths to stress that he has not and is not interested. Whatever the case this is not a man worthy of leading LFC into the future as no fan can trust him in what he has to say. This is just an excuse to make sure DIC have no control over LFC at any stage as this would make his life a living hell basically. Who does he want in now and the way things have panned out this last year only God knows what the future holds and it aint looking good from where i’m sitting. I wonder what Mr Moores and Mr Parry have to say about the issue but they should be looking to get this mess sorted out. The only way to get Mr Hicks to sell and move on is if all Liverpool Fans united in the cause show there unhappiness in whatevever way is the most effective but be civilised about it unlike Mr Hicks the D***!!! A typical Yankie in his attitude sorry to say.

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