Parry days numbered as Hicks and Gillett get back in bed

Tom Hicks and George Gillett are slowly making friends in what could not only be a worrying sign for DIC, Liverpool fans worldwide and most of all Rick Parry.

Rick Parry was asked to resign earlier this year by Tom Hicks but George Gillett’s casting vote gave the man a stay of execution.

George Gillett was adamant that he would not be selling his stake to Tom Hicks who wants to take full control of the football club after revealing that ‘most fans don’t want me to do it’.

However speaking to a Canadian radio station, Gillett admitted the relationship was warming, slowly:

“Time is a healer and there were things that had happened previously. It took a while for both of us to realise that we weren’t communicating very well and the huge responsibility we have to the fans to do the right thing for the club.

“I believe that the Hicks family are communicating better with us and we’re communicating better with them and I think that will be much better for the club.

“All of us are focused on the transfer window and we want to be ready for that and we want to have adequate resources and good communication with Rafa and our hope is that we’re making better progress.”

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Parry days numbered as Hicks and Gillett get back in bed

  1. yeah parry and those yank assholes must go, I’ve been a Liverpool fan for all my life and never have i seen such shit these yanks have done nothing to help the cause of getting back on top to where we deserve to be how can we get rid of them? clearly these yanks have no passion for LFC they don’t care if we as a football club succeed or not, leave yanks your not well come in our club

  2. Clearly Parry must go, but who do the they employ is the question? Do they have the nouse to find someone with contacts and marketing experience within the European market? Someone that also has contacts within the footballing powerhouse?

    I think not and for that we can only hope that one of two things are true. Either they do make up and actualy have money available that they can invest to get the club where it so rightly needs to be (hence Parry must go)? This of course is a simple fantasy and the truth in it could only hold as well as a blinds mans vote in a face painting contest.

    So the reality is that they are forced in to a position they they are showing DIC that they are now united and ready to negotiate as partners. The reason behind this simply lies in the fact that they are now in further debt due to the credit crunch. When the original finacial plan was drawn up a credit crunch was not antisipated. Thus they are actualy more in the region of a further £100m in debt that they will have to finance to build the new stadium. And let’s face it, anymore delay on that and the games up.

    We can only pray that this is the case as DIC are one of the few investment arms in the world that can ride the credit crunch without to much of a sleepless night. I give it till September at the most but that would only mean another year wasted.

    Please come to your senses and realise what you are affecting here Hicks and Gillet. Just drop the spite like the two little spoilt toddlers you’ve been and sell up now before waisting another year of our lives.

    Rafa for king

  3. This is something Parry brought upon himself the day he turned his back on DIC and went with the Americans and in one way it’s poetic justice or would be if the Americans went with him.

  4. I honestly and trully despise parry the twit and agree with everyone here that he should just f*** off and he should do it now before he cocks up any of our intended summer purchases, but what i still dont understand is why almost everyone hates the yanks, fair enough they messed up when they took over with all the talking they did about Rafa and so on but thats all they have messed up in my opinion and i know most people reading this will be thinking SHUT UP MATE WHAT ABOUT THE DEBT THEY BROUGHT TO OUR TEAM, well my answer to that would be how much debt where the mancs in when the fazers/glazers/blazers whatever u call them took over but look at them now, no-one even remembers the fuss of that takeover and our situation compared to that is a walk in the park and we should not forget that they brought Torres(£23m), Babel(£11.5m), Mascherano(£15-18m), and a host of extremely talented youngsters and all this in their first year in charge now try and imagine (fingers crossed) that they continue backing Rafa in the market just how good our team will be in season or two (hopefully this season). So please lets not be like those Manure idiots and instead support our new owners because i dont think any right minded and astute businessman i.e. our Hicksllet combo, will buy a football club for hundreds of millions of pounds just chuck it down the drain, think about it, i believe and hope they come good and soon because we need it for the simple reason that i would hate to Manure overtake league record of 18 titles (i shudder at the thought). One last thing, i believe all this talk about us not having money to spend is a load of shite coz if we didnt i dont think Rafa would spend £7-8m on a left-back, simple as that.

  5. Totallly agree with every comment here. I dislike Hicks but would have him in charge than Parry. What a complete idiot he’s been for us.

    Can’t wait for him to go.

    Good riddens and goodbye (don’t come back) he’s only been concerned about his own job which backfired when he realised DIC would sack him so turned to Hicks and Gillette, which will work out best for us when he’s gone. By the way, Parry, take those 2 yanks with you also.

    DIC for LFC.

  6. lets face it parry is a clown, he let owen leave for 8 million in the last 12 months of his contract,mcmanaman leave for nothing at all plus the shirt sponsorship fiasco with carlsberg, countless ticket cock ups for major finals and most of all not accepting/advising to go with d.i.c. rick do the decent thing you have messed up quite a few times resign . you will get more respect from the fans,at the moment you will be remembered as a clown,and the only reason you have lasted this long is that david moores was your bessy mate.

  7. Its better for them get together n support Rafa before start of new season. And its better to sack Rick Parry too… i would accept Hicks comment earlier about Parry who is disaster last 10 years
    and we never seems like upgrading compare to manu, chelski,spurs n now Man C. Parry mess
    up everthing in Liverpool. our sponsorship amount is lower then what Spurs getting… last 15 years same sponsorship no better improvement. I would love to see Hicks n Gillet solve their problem n support Rafa to get quality players asap. YNWA

  8. Straight down the line I despise Parry, he’s an arrogant twit who’s been a disaster in his job. In an age when commericialism is king and the Mancs are branding themselves around the world Liverpool did barely nothing to tap into the huge opportunities that were there for the taking. The reason we can’t compete for players with the Mancs comes down not to Rafa’s incomptence (as some would have), personally I feel Rafa is doing a good job, but due to the fact that between 1999 and 2003 we had a chance to compete with the mancs, we didn’t due to the incompetency of Rick Parry. Sure we fucked up with 20 million pounds worth of signings in the summer of 2002 but our net loss would have been similiar to United’s on Veron. They hardly blinked we shit ourselves, then we have the humilation of whoreing ourselves around looking for investment which seen us linked with Taksin Whatdoyoucallhim who’s alledged to be corrupt to fuck, even the Kraft’s got fucked off with Parry. Then he goes and makes a mess of the eventual takeover, if ever a guy deserved the sack its Parry. To add to his already listed sins let’s not forget he fucked off on holiday after Istanbul which amost cost us Gerrard,his miserly approach cost us Alves plus countless others and to make things worse he wears is own embroided training jacket. Could he look more like a fool? Did you see Dein do it or Kenyon or Gill or any other Club Secretary/ Financial Controller NO. My birthday is 2 months away so please god let my birthday present this year be no more Coco at my club and no more Yanks in my club.

  9. I agree Parry should pf gonr a long time ago. When Monsieur Houlier was still in charge he wanted to sign a certain player called Christiano Ronaldo. We offered £7m but they wanted £8m. Parry hummed and harred and before you know it Man U signed him a month later. We could have had the guy and £4m cheaper if it was not for Parry. Since then we have lost out on other players Rafa wanted such as Wright Phillips and Malouda to Chelsea and Vidic to Utd. As well as this the day after we won the champions league and the city is swarmed with over 1million Reds fans the commercialy unaware Rick Parry was able to ensure that both the Anfield and City centre were shut for business. What a guy!!!!!

  10. As far as I’m concerned the Hickletts getting pally again makes no difference, they can sleep together for all I care. They just need to pack their bags, buy 2 tickets on the Titanic and p*** off back across the pond, oh and take Parry with them.

  11. I don’t want the Americans in charge, but if they are in control the best thing they can do is to sack Parry, he is the reason we are in the mess were in now. He jumped out of the DIC deal as he would not have been kept on by DIC. All he thought about was his own selfish issues of keping his job, not the bigger picture of what was in the best intrests of Liverpool Football Club.

  12. Much as I dislike Hicks and Gilette and pretty much everything they stand for, this is the exception that proves the rule – Parry has indeed been a disaster for LFC, he’s an indecisive wet blanket with the commercial nouse of 6 year old.

    Unfortunately, allowing Hicks / Gilette to pick a new CEO without any checks or balances places the entire club at (further) risk.

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