Hodgson to meet with Liverpool FC

Roy Hodgson for Liverpool?

Hodgson now moves back to top of the Anfield wish list

Roy Hodgson is to return to England following his brief stint commentating for the BBC at the World Cup.

With Capello’s men safely through to the last 16 his high hopes that the FA may call on him to take up the England job appear to have receded and it is believed the Liverpool FC board have now decided that Roy is Liverpool’s number one target.

Liverpool are believed to have interviewed Martin O’Neill, Manuel Pellegrini and Alex McLeish as part of the search but are now shifting their focus back on to the Fulham boss.

The appointment could affect Kenny Dalglish’s future at the club.  The former manager and player is believed to have been disappointed by being snubbed by the board.

The reds have been without a manager for 21 days and are keen to tie up a deal before more Liverpool players complete their World Cup campaigns.  Milan Jovanovic is one player who will now be seeking to secure and clarify his future.

Do you think Hodgson is the man for Liverpool?

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Hodgson to meet with Liverpool FC

  1. Hey Come on Guys…
    Rafa has gone, It’s time to get over it.
    The only problem with appointing Roy is that he may want to bring his own staff and a few players possibly Zamora but he is better than a few of the Front players that we’ve already got.

    It would be wise to ask King Kenny to do the job on a 2 year rolling contract, He will bleed in new raw talent from the youths (hopefully some English after that world cup) and restore the club to it’s former glory

    YANKS have got to GO

  2. I think Kenny is the obvious choice. He understands LFC. Not sure what he would be like with non UK players, but who cares? Bring on the home grown talent! Pretty sure the Yanks wouldn’t be able to understand him anyway and that would be a plus.

  3. Sorry but Hodgson is not the calibre of manager that Liverpool need and apart from probably being cheap will bring nothing to enhance or improve our fortunes of the last year. I do not think Kenny is necessarily the right person either but agree that he needs to be part of the club in some shape or form; he is the only non-playing member of staff that epitomises the Liverpool ethos…

    I still think that Alex McLeish could be the man to re-energise etc… he has all the righ attributes.

  4. I like Hodgson and as Fulham manager he has done well, I don’t like the thought of Hodgson managing Liverpool, Roy has managed one other big club and that was Inter he didn’t last more than one season. I think Roy Hodgson is fine at a club like Fulham, no-one expected anything other than to keep them in the Premier League and he not only did that but he gave the fans a good season, could he do it here? the new Mr.Liverpool Christian Purslow has made a big mess now he must clean it up, can he?

  5. That’s great,another negative manager who plays to avoid defeat rather then win or entertain!.Roy has never really won anything so Dalglish would have been a much better choice.Benitez,Houllier and Hodgson all have the same footballing philosophy that is to bore the fans to tears.I’d much prefer Rijkaard where as Van Gaal would have been brilliant!

  6. No! Club tradition and fans deserve more. While a undeniably a decent bloke Hogson’s appointment would strongly suggest that we’ve settled for mediocrity! Can’t help but think that club might want a ‘Yes Man’ at present – who won’t interfere with the asset stripping which could well ensue! King Kenny would have become more powerful than rest of board and owners! It will be a very sad day if they name Hogson as manager. The Chilean would have been more bold given his results at his last job!

  7. He is not my first choice either, but I remember Paisley being installed, unlike most of you guys, so we have to get behind him and support the team, or just carry on moaning, stop your season ticket and dont watch them on TV. Sorry boys, too many experts with too little experience talking on this site. What we need to do is keep the main players and get behind the team.

  8. It’s amazing how short sighted these idiots are; Rafa one bad season in he’s kicked out; Hodgson one good season and he’s in.

    That said, I doubt Hodgeson will get the support he needs;
    Rafa wanted to bring in Vidic and Drogba; both blocked by the board.
    Yet they brought in Keane on a whim of the yanks, against Rafa’s will.

    Sadly, the media (mostly London based) has a twisted version of the truth, but it’s what most folks believe.

  9. Bring on Roy – it’s about time we got a flexible manager. Sorry guys, but I could never understand Rafa-mania. It was StevieG who won the Champions League for us, not Rafa – they were getting hammered until Stevie G saved us. Rafa stayed in his job for years on the back of StevieG’s efforts that night.

    Rafa spent loads of money and ended up with a worse team than he started with. You only have to look at StevieG leaving the pitch, match after match, disappointed – he’s a good judge!

  10. What is going here, we get rid of a manager who can easily walk in to 3 clubs, and there are top european club. Leaves LFC and joines Inter.

    We cannot find a suitable candidate over 3 weeks and then go for Hodgson. What has he won????

    I cannot understand who is deciding all these things? Does he know anything about LIVERPOOL FC????

    If Hodgson gets money to spend now, why did RAFA not get that start of last season???

    Too many ??????

  11. skould have give it to kenny…its a no brainer!
    hodgson is ok….but just ok.
    He wont set the world alight ,he’s a safe one for the yanks.wont rock the boat,work on a shoestring budget ,but wont win anything big without money.
    the saving grace will be if the club is sold to someone with deep pockets,and roy gets the England job eventually

    I dont know why we are all waiting,the club should be boycotted.
    Buy no merchandise…buy no tickets(season tickets being the biggy)

  12. NO hodgson i feel would not be the man for the job . Everyone true lfc fans know kenney daglish would be the man to get us back up there were we belong . He is already at the club ,why look for a manager when you have king kenney there already . the yanks know nothing about football theay dont care about the club ,all there interested in is lining there pockets ,theay got to go . long live king kenney. xx

  13. It’s now 3 weeks since Rafa was sacked. Ever since then we’ve been told that Liverpool are about to approach Roy Hodgson, and all the indications are that Hodgson would jump at the chance if he was offered it, and yet he’s still manager of Fulham. If the board were as dead-set on Hodgson as the press say, they wouldn’t have made these approaches to Pellegrini and Rijkaard.
    I don’t want Hodgson as boss (though I’ll support him if he is) but let’s not assume he’s going to be boss just yet, okay?

  14. The board won’t listen. Fans should make sure Hodgson knows he is not wanted @ LFC!!!
    Hodgson commit to Fulham FC ASAP and make every scouser smile 🙂

  15. I think he could be the right man for the jopbN 2 and half seasons doing a good job a fulham who were a joke before he took over. Pelegrini is good choice too but I would lkike hitzfelts to through his name into the hat, 2 champions leagues and 9 championships! Rijkaard is not the right man for the job though.

  16. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!why do you have to appoint him of all people,thats a major step backward,im tellin you guys!At least pellegrini or sven -goran not that guy who surely look like he can a have heart attack any moment!

  17. Just say NO to Roy. He aint won anything since Kenny retired so why is he a better choice than Kenny.
    If we cant get Kenny then Pelligrini should be the next choice. Fulham need a manager and Roy is their man!

  18. No he is not the right man for our club! We want someone with more attack minded coach who can play like barca so for me Rikjard or Pellegrini. The whole board is either stupid or don’t care about the club!

  19. NO. his style of management is ok for the likes of Fulham, we need someone who knows our club,with a foot in the past and a foot in the future,who can sort out all the dead wood, and move us foreward. its time the board woke up to this fact.there is only one man KING KENNY.

  20. Like I said on all the other sites its a spineless move by a pathetic excuse for a board they basically showing masch, torres, gerard, the door arent they, its another pathetic attempt by the americans who don’t care enough to run this club into the ground I feel a protest of imense propotion coming on….

  21. This is brilliant! Clear evidence that the club will not be sold anytime soon. If it were, surely a manager with a greater profile and record of winning trophies would be brought in. Instead we’ve got someone who’s done well on a shoestring! All the Rafa haters, bet you never had this in mind when you were campaingning to get the guy out. I love Liverpool dearly, but I hope Hodgson falls flat on his face. It may shut a few of you up then that gave Rafa endless stick. (Danny Murphy too!)

  22. i personally think it would be suicidal to appoint Roy as the Boss,i thought they had the right man in Pellegrin ,this would be the greatest of betrayals, please get it from us we need Pellegrin,ROY can continue at Craven Cottage,he has always been a failure,he wants to make us a permanent mid table club,So please stop the madness,

  23. No i’m afraid not – Feel this would be a rather large step backwards. Need a boss who can manager the top four ( 5-6) Pressure and Woy is not our man.. Sorry fella but would prefer Rikkard or Pellegrini

  24. yes i feel he is the best man for the job because of the great job he has done at fulham for several years and he would be a benefit at liverpool for many years which would benefit the football club

  25. Do you think Hodgson is the man for Liverpool?

    No, he’s had one good season and our board are suddenly wanting him! This will be down to how cheap he is, has nothing to do with wanting him. Also, how the hell is appointing him going to help sell the club, answer it aint.

    Just another piece of crap by our delinqunt owners. Yanks but no thanks.

  26. i just think pellegrini could offer us so much more and there would be no compensation needed. im fed up of cautious managers at liverpool houllier and benitez and then as seems likely hodgson they see defence as the key and build on that but id rather a more efficient approach in keepin the ball and attacking in number as pellegrini has achieved remarkably with villareal and the points ammassed with real madrid last year is so remarkable that i dont think even mourinho will match next season.

  27. Dalglish is the one man who can hold this club together. Whether it be as manager or some other role. Any appointment that means Kenny leaving will be a bad one.

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