Liverpool appoint Director of Football

Liverpool are to bring in Damien Comolli to take charge of Liverpool’s signings following John W Henry’s meetings yesterday with Roy Hodgson.

Following the Everton game we heard information that Roy Hodgson had been told to focus on improving on the pitch results and not to worry about new transfers signings.  In the intervening period Kenny Dalglish took temporary charge of identifying potential January targets.  Today’s appointment confirms our information that NESV were keen to bring an extra man in to focus on transfer targets.

The 38 year old Frenchman has spent time as a scout for Arsenal, before becoming technical director at St Etienne.

It was at Tottenham Hotspur where he first held the post of Director of Football.  He fell out with Martin Jol over a number of signings which the Jol claimed he had not authorised, before eventually being sacked alongside Juande Ramos in October 2008.

He has since been credited with bringing a number of talented youth players to Spurs, Gareth Bale amongst the pick of the bunch, although his record with older players is less noted.

He returned to St Etienne in November 2008, resulting in the departure of the then current manager at the club who refused to work under a Director of Football.

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Liverpool appoint Director of Football

  1. Is this for real? Who is this dud? Has having a director of football ever been a good idea for any club? i thought we were trying to save money, not throw more of it away. If we need someone other than the manager to spot some talent then the manager doesn’t deserve to bloody be here! did Shanks and Paisley have a ‘director of football’?

  2. They’ve appointed him in the hope that he can unearth a Gareth Bale type player for liverpool like he did at spurs

  3. this was the guy who discovered gareth bale hope he can find another gem like him. NESV doesnt want to pay out for high priced overated players who end up as passengers

  4. This could be good news,if he’s any good he will see Woy cant cope.Woy can declare “I cant work with man”. and jack, or the club can sack him,or let him just tidy the car park after home games. Happy days!

  5. His first appointment should be to scout for a new manager asap. Roy has had his time, 10 games 12 points, ridiculous, boring football, with no options of Plan b,c or d, as roy only has one plan. Defend and hoof. Defend and Hoof.
    We need a manager who has real tactical knowledge, not a cardboard cutout who constantly looks over to his number 2 for advice.
    Pellegrini, Rijkaard, even Kenny. Anyone. Im sure you could pick any random off the street to do a better job than Roy….Nuff said….

  6. It shows that NESV are here to make changes and try to take the club forward. Hopefully the managers position is being examined as well – if so we won’t have to suffer the team performances (and press conferences) under Roy Hodgson for too much longer…

  7. So… was Kenny Dalglish overlooked here again???
    What is the problem with King Kenny doing this job???
    Who is actually advising and making these decisions???????? (Not happy by the way)

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