Roy blasts expensive failures

Roy Hodgson today blasted a number of expensive Liverpool FC failures – suggesting that the club has acted poorly in the transfer market.

Roy who brought in Christian Poulsen, Paul Konchesky, Raul Meireles and Joe Cole to Anfield this summer insists that the club must spend money in January and compete with the likes of Barcelona.

“I think you can pay an awful lot of money for poor players and you can pay not very much money for very good ones – it is all to do with how good your scouting and your eye is.

“There are a lot of things here that the club has got to get right. We have got a lot more expensive failures on our list than good players that we have brought in for next to nothing.

“Free transfers don’t necessarily mean that you have got a bargain. My experience of them has been very mixed. You need to be sure that the player you get can do the job you want from him.”

Hodgson however also insisted the reds have a number of world class players, somewhat mystifying when the club lie in 18th place.

“The lucky thing is that we are rebuilding around several top-class players. We have got Reina, Carragher, Gerrard, Torres, Kuyt – it’s not as if we are rebuilding from nothing.”

“What I would hope to do is get this group of players playing well enough so we don’t need to panic.”

We were informed early this week that Roy Hodgson is not currently in control of transfer targets at Anfield and that Kenny Dalglish has been placed in charge of identifying potential players for the club.  Roy has been told by the owners that his sole focus at present is to improve results on the pitch with immediate effect and that currently he should not be thinking as far ahead as January.

Roy Hodgson’s purchases Summer 2010 – £24M

Joe Cole (Free)
Raul Meireles (£11.5M)
Paul Konchesky (£3.5M + 2 youth players)
Christian Poulsen (£4.5M)
Brad Jones (£2.3M)
Danny Wilson (£2M)
Fabio Aurelio (Free)

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Roy blasts expensive failures

  1. can i just say that i wake this morning and some fans on other sites seem to have lost their marbles!
    players like cassiano “saying buy him he is worth the risk” this is just the type of miss management that brought us babel, cisse, diouf, diao etc,,, why is it some fans are so rush rush with trying to get the next fix into the club without standing back and thinging about all factors involved in getting new players to the club at the right pric, the right mid set and the right QUALITY???

  2. carlton cole, is not yet agian another waste of money then roy, and to think we didnt get that done before the last window closes, thank god. if we sign players like him why then we expect reina torres and gerrard to stay here and be loyal, whats the point.
    sorry but cole, brunt and jarvis are not the top qulaity that we need, i would even have a problem with crouch returning, good player but im sure llorente is better is the air? etc, buttom line i wake up and still see rubbish linked 2 us

  3. Saikat, do me a favour..jog on you muppet! When did you come out of the woodwork? Post Istanbul I’m guessing..go spout your nonsense and, quite frankly, shocking insults elsewhere. Why call your fellow fans things like that? To quote your own words “and you claim to support Liverpool”

  4. all u stupid dumb crooked jerk asses…..

    stop criticisin roy who’s been @ d helm jus a mnth or two….

    f u wana criticis do it 2 rafa who spent 230MP and 2k a champions leag winnin(twas GH’s team tat won ucl) team to no.7…………
    rafa bought an incredibl 90 players in 6yrs…..half f u dunno dat….and u claim 2 support liverpool….sick craps

  5. just seen the interview with Roy on sky, think that there ia so much transfer crap and bad media about lfc, that the new owners new to start a totally fresh dawn for us and the whole club.
    I have had enough with all the news, media rubbish, the stories, the takeover, the this and the that, END IT NOW.

    We have to start a fresh chapter and for me that would be with Quique Sanchez Flores and lets bring aguero with him. im not crazy we need to make a huge statemnet of intent.
    start again,

  6. For the last few days I have seen a tendency from Hodgeson to down & question Rafa. Listen Woy boy, Rafayal Benitez is among the top 5 managers in the world & I believe he ‘ll replace Jose @ Real oneday

    RB was never allowed to acquire his 1st choices, always had to collect makeshifts. Just see how his 1st choices are doing? By the way, even with the current squad (including loans) LFC under RB would never had been 18th after 9 games.

    He was chosen for LFC, as he was cheap & no xfar demands

    • Sorry, in last line, by ‘he’ I ment Roy Hodgeson, someone who ensured the yank imposters that he ‘ll earn some profit from transfer window. He kept beating about the bush for a striker, till the last day of August

  7. The problem at Anfield for the last 3 years has been this.

    I’m going to give you £25M to spend in the next transfer window. But first you have to sell players to bring in £30M.

    That was no way to ever plan ahead for a football club. And when other clubs know you are desperate for money they reduce their offers. Thus we were left with farcical situations like the summer transfer deadline day.

  8. Gabriel Palletta – £2m
    Lucas Leiva – £6m
    Diego Cavalieri – £3.5m
    Andrea Dossena – £8m
    Albert Riera – £7m
    Jan Kromkamp £4.3

    on and on and on! when roy makes this many mistakes then i will start to worry like the rest of you

    • Listen Gaz.. We have had 5 players over £15M in the history of the club. Torres, Keane, Aquilan, Mascharano and Johnson. How many players have Man U and Chelsea bought of £15M?

      We have bought a lot of speculative players and nor proven one, If Rafa had bought his orignal target such as Vidic, Alves, Barry, Simao, Silva, we wouldnt not wasted a lot, but he was forced to buy the likes of Pennant, etc.. that is what you get when you speculate… It is more of the clubs policy and not Rafa…

  9. Paul Stewart – £2.3m
    Phil Babb – £3.6m
    Oyvind Leonhardsen – £3.5m
    Paul Ince – £4.2m
    Mark Kennedy – £1.5m
    Sean Dundee – £1.8m
    Jean Michel Ferri – £1.5m
    Bernard Diomede – £3m
    El Hadj Diouf – £10m
    Salif Diao – £5m
    Chris Kirkland – £6m
    Bruno Cheyrou – £3.7m
    Harry Kewell – £5m
    Christian Ziege – £5.5m
    Josemi – £2m
    Antonio Nunez – £1.5m
    Mark Gonzalez – £1.5m
    Jermain Pennant – £6.7m
    Fernando Morientes – £6.3m
    Robbie Keane – £20m
    Alberto Aquilani – £18m
    Glen Johnson – £17m
    Ryan Babel – £11.5m

    • And Man U did buy

      Carrick – 17M
      Hargraves – 20M
      Anderson -17M
      Veron – 28M
      Djemba Djemba

      and 14 Goalkeepers?
      They have used 14 goalkeepers :
      Raymond Van Der Gouw
      Mark Bosnich
      Massimo Taibi
      Tomaz Kuszack
      Ben Foster
      Fabien Barthez
      Tim Howard
      Roy Carroll
      Tony Coton
      Nick Culkin
      Andy Gorham
      Paul Rachubka

  10. if we are still so big a club then then top brass would have been lining up for miles when rafa went, the simple fact is they wasnt was they? we ended with roy so deal with it. the sooner u lot wake up and get our head out the clouds the better. we are not good enough FACT, we have not been good enough for years FACT and no matter who is in charge we cant compete with the finances of chelsea, city, arsenal, utd even thought they are in debt! spurs i could go on and on. when will u wake up YNWA

    • Think… No top manager wanted the job because of Hicks and Gillett. We are still a global brand, in have finished second and gotten to 2 final of the Champions league in the last 5 yr… (How quick people forget). We havent been good cos those 2 clowns pile up debt on how club and the revenue that should be used for players were going to RBS. Maybe you should think before you write. Rafa spent a NET of 27M in 6 yrs. I ll say 2 finals in the CL, finishing 2nd, 4 qualification is VALUE FOR MONEY.

  11. Well said John, the name Roy Hodgson, even though he is a niceman, says it all, he isnt Liverpool quality and for me we need a winner at the hel, Roy has won next to nothing and for me he isnt the manager of Fulham any more, he is the LIVERPOOL BOSS. different club different gravy full stop.
    i cant really say who is best for the job but i have a feeling for the atletico Madrid boss, he does speak english which a manager has to do if he is going to get on with our english players, but he is good

    • You can change the mentality of the players… This man is average at best. He is not top 20 managers in the world and Liverpool needs a Top gun… Top managers attracts players… Do you think C.Ronaldo, Messi, Ineista ll want to play for ROY? NO WAY

  12. funny how we all gave lucas crap but given time we now call for him in the team? your a bunch of no marks who have no clue whatsoever… wake up the lot of you! we are not good enough? thats not roys fault, if anything its more raffa’s!!! all im saying is given time to build his own team and get his own ideas across then things will be better, in an ideal world the likes of Lucas wouldnt even be good enough for our reserve players wives league… but he is here along with lots more crap

    • OK. We agree Lucas is not good enough… the boy is only 22… Why sign Poulsen? Why loan out Aquilani? Why get rid of Insua for Konchesky.. Have you noticed most of the goals are crosses from the left? (Diouf goal started with a cross from the left). Time or no time, this man has been in the EPL for a long time. HE SHOULD KNOW WHAT CUTS IT AND WHAT DOESNT. (The man is 63 yrs old FFS) you willing to give him time till he is 70? Sure Rafa made mistakes but guess what Rafa isnt there anymore

  13. Here’s a signing for you to think about, Olic from Bayern Munich strong, fast, plays behind a striker and can finish he also has a vast of international and club football he’d be a top choice given the fantasy world of being able to sign any player.

  14. I don’t think that Poulson is ‘terrible’ ok he hasn’t done much but he hasn’t played much football in a long time perhaps he needs a string of reserve games. Lucas is still not Liverpool quality certainly not starting line up.

    Paul Konchesky has been at fault for virtually every goal we’ve conceeded this season he has made a goal line clearance and that’s it my honest rating would be 2/10. Fabio is a good crosser of the ball however his slow legs do worry me when opposition have counter attack

  15. Roy is the biggest expensive failure at LFC right now, and has bought unintelligently. He also seems to have a unerring ability to open his mouth and stick his own foot in it. Plain fact is that he has already has a squad – even with his substandard transfer decisions – that should be capable of way more than 18th. Perhaps he could start by shutting up altogether until he has put that right.

  16. Roy has certainly lost the plot. He blames everyone & everything for our performances this season – except himself. Roy ‘Me’ Hodgson – he keeps on reminding everyone that he has won a LMA manager of the month (shock, horror), that he is respected, that he has coached Inter. What a load of bollocks!

  17. Our youth keepers and Ayala are obviously not good enough? simples! We dont have the God given right to wake up in the morning and be the best, there is only 1 team who can win the PL but many teams fighting to do so! Roy needs our backing and a fair crack too…

    • I am not going to back anyone that plays Poulsen in front of Lucas, A man that send Insua packing for Konchesy. A man that hopes to build a team around Carra. Roy refused to comment when Ferguson accused Torres of trying to get one of his players sent off… We need a manager that defend all our players regardless of your friendship with Ferguson.

  18. Joe Cole (Free) – Great signing…Still out of form..will improve soon..creative..
    Raul Meireles (£11.5M) – Fantastic choice…
    Paul Konchesky (£3.5M + 2 youth players) – Average player..only advantage is higher than previous LB
    Christian Poulsen (£4.5M) – Worst than lucas…ROy’s worst signing so far…
    Brad Jones (£2.3M) – Just to fill the quota
    Danny Wilson (£2M) – Young talent..POtential for future..
    Fabio Aurelio (Free) – Good. If he’s not often injured, would be my first LB choice.

    • We didn’t need to sign Jones to fill the quota – we didn’t need to sign him at all. Plus we ended up losing money by bringing him in and selling the vastly superior Cavalieri – Jones is a career sub keeper for a reason, and not even a very good one at that. I’m pretty sure Spurs got Cudicini for less, for example.

      Personally I just can’t stand this constant reference to ‘rebuilding’. Roy wasn’t hired to ‘rebuild’ but to work with what he had – he himself made CLEAR no rebuild, he’s lied to us.

  19. Roy Roy Roy , the two young lads u traded in for Konchesky, would have become better players for pool than Paul, why sign Fabio on a free? He hasnt played, his contract will soon expire b4 he recovers from his injuries, Babel can’t even control the ball, Pollsen a wasted 4,3 million, not pool material, drop all the dead wood in January , give fulham back their player & get our kids back!!!!!!

  20. out can go;

    el zhar
    all the stupid loan deals that we still hav egoing on like;


    this lot could fetch around £ 30 pounds, jesuse get rid asap if we can deals done for these guys. we could get
    llorente, coentrao and with owners money we could get a winger maybe turan

  21. hi Roy, says a man who could have at leats pulled out all the stops to get us van der vaart? dear oh dear.
    then he goes and buys that rubbish Polusen, really he is just terrible! then Roy later states that he thinks Shelvey can make it into the first team as we already had Lucus, who is far better then Poulsen and we had Jay spearing who id rather give a game to then Poulsen?
    waist of money was brad Jones with all our youth keepers needing games and being good enough!
    danny wilson ? er ayala

  22. Joe Cole (Free) <– has been ordinary, expensive wage bill
    Raul Meireles (£11.5M) <– good sigining, class act
    Paul Konchesky (£3.5M + 2 youth players) <– not LFC standard
    Christian Poulsen (£4.5M) <– FFS
    Brad Jones (£2.3M) <– good keeper but doubt he'll ever be no.1
    Danny Wilson (£2M) <– where is he???
    Fabio Aurelio (Free) <– injury prone, Rafa reject

    AS far as I'm concerned Hodgson scores about 2/7. Is this what you call "having an eye" for players Roy?

    Please just leave.

    • all of the above are usless mate 25m on sheer rubbish me thinks, like most of the team at the moment…i personally would sell torres and use the money to buy 1/2 decent strikers…its good to know king kenny is now in charge of transfer signings.

      • To be fair to Roy,
        Joe Cole, is class but in a team and a club all over the shop, will come good
        Raul is class
        Jones is a solid backup english keeper
        Konchesky is a solid squad player
        Aurellio when fit is very strong, worth a punt
        Poulsen too early to judge Barca were chasing after him cant be that pants
        Danny Wilson – not the time to bring through a bright talent … there you go son get into that utterly crap team and enjoy yourself
        I am not a fan of Roy but lets try and be fair

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