Roy proves uninspiring over Torres

Mar 21, 2010 - Manchester, UK, UK - Premier League: Manchester United 2 v 1 Liverpool.Liverpool's FERNANDO TORRES scores and celebrates.

Fernando Torres celebrates scoring against United

Amid reports that Fernando Torres has become frustrated with life under Roy Hodgson, yesterday’s press conference comments by the Liverpool boss will have left fans unimpressed.

When asked about Torres being a target for United, instead of refuting the possibility Hodgson appeared to not rule the sale out.

“I’m pretty sure when a great player like Wayne Rooney is looking to leave his club, Manchester United will be in a position to target an awful lot of players around the world.

“They will have the opportunity to replace him with many star strikers around the world.”

“I don’t think Torres would be the only player they’ll be targeting or we’d be the only club worried their star is going to be a target.

“I’m not naive enough to think there is no danger we’ll ever lose Torres.”

“I can only hope we won’t. I’ll do everything in my power to keep him happy at the club.”

Roy Hodgson seems to be forgetting which club he is managing. You’re not at Fulham anymore.  Ambition please.

Fernando Torres is one of 4 senior players who has not travelled to Italy for tonight’s game.

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Roy proves uninspiring over Torres

  1. Rooney used to be a brilliant player until the money got to him, bit of a shame really considering how good he can still become.

  2. I know that that something was not right when I heard those comments. It sounds to me like Roy Hodgson was inviting Sir Alex to come get Torres. Get rid of this fool. He is out of his depth and don’t understand the scope of the history between Liverpool FC and Man U.

  3. Have you seen today’s headlines in the LIVERPOOL Echo, what a disgrace!! Never in my lifetime of watching LFC (over 60yrs) did I ever think I would read such headlines, Roy Hodgeson could have quashed all speculation by insisting that whilst he is still Liverpools Manager there is no chance of Torres ending up at the scum, but no he fuels speculation with another of his brilliant press conferences, this man is a disgrace to the name of LFC –

  4. How much longer are we going to put up with a manager who seems out of his deapth.His lack of support for Nando after fungusens comments,his lack of support over the protests his quite stupid comments after the derby and now this .Talking as if all Slur Alex has to do is wave a cheque book and Roy will cave And then the awful football we are playing HE HAS TO GO!!

  5. Dear Roy, its Liverpool FOOTBALL Club not Liverpool FEEDER Club,please sort yourself out.If its all too much for you move on mate it’ll be better for everyone in the end.

  6. Any real LFC manager would say ‘over my dead body’ to Man U interest in Torres. If Man U offer £60 million I’d sell him to Chelsea for £30 million.

    Please get Rijkaard asap, Hodgson is as bad as Gillett, Hicks, R Parry and D Moores. Alan Harper is his next big mistake this week.

  7. What can you expect from a man that is completely out of his depth, hopefully now that Purslow is going (the man who hired him) there is only Gerrard & Carra left , if Torres leaves , Steve will follow & that will only leave Carra left to defend him and as his legs have gone time is running out for him and perhaps we can either sign a decent centre back or promote Dan back into the first 11 and get back to pass and move, won’t be too long now King Kenny will hold the fort until next season.

  8. Hodgson has one loyalty – his friendship to that monster at OT. Get rid of Hodgson, he’s a loser, his buys are worse than Rafa’s. Only when a team is winning should you consider resting players. He rests our 2 best players for tonight – we’ll soon be out of Europe.

    We know the monster controls the press and we hear him talk about the ‘boy’ – meaning a 24yo Rooney! – he uses the press all the time. Rooney says he isn’t injured and not a single newspaper dares mention the monster is a liar

  9. Well said, ‘Ambition’ is one word for what’s lacking here. Ferguson flat out refused to sell Heinze to Liverpool, and understandably so. There is no reason why anyone at the club should consider it acceptable to sell any player to Man Utd. Least of all Torres.

  10. This Roy has to GOOOO, I cant imagine SAF talking about Man U’s best player joining Liverpool…. We need a manager with character… This guy has none, What I expect from a Liverpool manager is to tell the world, He ll rather Torres go out of the country than playing for Man U. Roy, why dont you just drive Torres to SAF?

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