Dalglish on Melwood smiles and Roy’s return

Kenny Dalglish has admitted that the last two victories, and in particular the Wembley win, have put a real spring in the reds step as former boss Roy Hodgson arrives in town.


Speaking to the official website, Kenny reflected on the atmosphere at the club's training facility in the preceding days:

"There is always a good feel around and about the football club.  Melwood has always been a nice place to come and work since I've come in and the positive result we got on Saturday puts an extra couple of centimetres on people's smiles.

"We've got our reward for winning in the semi-final against Everton and we want to keep that momentum going.

"We want to try and play as well as we possibly can and get as positive results as we possibly can between now and the end of the season."

Liverpool welcome former manager Roy Hodgson back to Anfield for the first time since New Years Day 2011 - his final home game in charge.

Kenny, who along with Christian Purslow, helped pick Hodgson to replace Benitez added:

"It will be good to see Roy. To see him back at Anfield - obviously we've played them down there already - will be good and I'm sure he'll get a warm reception from the supporters.

"He's a man with real integrity and dignity and he tried his best for this football club. I'm sure the supporters will respect that."

Liverpool kick off at 4pm on Sunday against the Baggies.

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Dalglish on Melwood smiles and Roy’s return

  1. What a load ob bull$&*! What was Kenny supposed to say? ‘The guy was a mug and I hope he never sets foot in Anfield again’ Hodgson was a crap manager, always has been, but don’t blame Kenny for saying he’ll be welcomed back, blame Purslow for sacking Rafa and hiring Woy in the first place.

    • Agree with you 100% the guy was only there to enhance his prospects of the England Job. As a Welsh LFC fan I hope the FA give it to him as us WELSH need all the help we can get to come anywhere near ENGLAND. God bless himm but the late great GARY SPEED was and will be for many years the only manager that would have got us near ENGLAND.
      Unless the FA employ MR HODGSON, lets face it he is a mid table manager who has achieved this with West Brom and they love him for it. LFC would NEVER accept this EVER.
      Stay with mid table teams WOY thats all you are worth and in reality, lets face it. The FA are NEVER going to come calling. 
      West Brom are all you are going to get unless Brendon Rgogers replaces the next ENGLAND manager from spurs then that is the only club that you could impress.

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