Klopp on 5-2 Roma: Tomorrow I will see the good parts – it was brilliant

The Liverpool manager was interviewed shortly after full time to discuss tonight's 5-2 win over Roma.

What was his thoughts on being 5-0 up and then 2 late goals?

For 80 minutes or so it was a perfect performance.  We made defensively one mistake and Dzeko used the situation.  We knew before the game they had quality.

I would have been happier with 5-0 or 5-1 but 5-2 is still a fantastic result.  I could not have imagine that was possible - the boys did outstandingly good.  We go there hoping to win again.

We needed to learn from the game.  We had all these runs in behind and in the end it changed the game completely.   They couldn't cope.  We could have scored more - that sounds crazy in a Champions League semi-final but we could have scored more.  We missed a lot of chance.   That is all positive.

In the moment it doesn't feel all positive because they scored two goals but believe me tomorrow I will see the really good parts because it was brilliant.  Come on we are Liverpool - it's all-inclusive football everything is involved - obviously we have to go the hard way.

Oxlade-Chamberlain went off after 15 minutes in a potential season ending injury and Klopp already has a warning for fans over the next league game.

Oxlade is probably a bad injury - if you can say that before the scan then it's never good news.  We have a few very important games to go and the squad isn't getting bigger so we need the crowd and we need them on Saturday at 12:30 to be exactly the same.  It's not allowed to be any less.  We have to win that game.

Stoke visit Anfield as Liverpool still have to ensure they are in next seasons competition.

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Klopp on 5-2 Roma: Tomorrow I will see the good parts – it was brilliant

  1. it was great but, I our defense is probably not OK so we need to strengthen it to pass over such that champion league to be in our room.

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